Other Great Medical and Innovation Podcasts

There are so many incredible podcasts that focus on medicine, healthcare, policy, and innovation. The Penn Health-X Podcast is at the crossroads of all of these topics, and is targeted at the student and young professionals niche. The podcasts listed below are among my favorites.

Ryan O’Keefe, MS1

Pulse Check – Politico’s health policy podcast, high profile guests shaping healthcare, hosted by Dan Diamond, a Penn alum

What the Health?– Healthcare reporters discuss current events in health policy. – Kaiser

Signal – the podcast of the publication STAT, topics focus mostly on the pharmaceutical industry and drug development

Sawbones – a terrific show about the history of medicine, and how it was often pretty ugly and how often we get things wrong.

Docs Outside the Box – interviews with doctors who are approaching patient care from new perspectives, or using their skills outside of clinical practice

The Pulse – WHYY (Philadelphia’s NPR station) – short discussions on various themes and stories in health, science, and innovation.

Only Human – WNYC (NYC NPR) – features healthcare stories and topics, always interesting, high production quality

The Short Coat Podcast – the Student Doctor Network (SDN) podcast hosted by current medical students at the University of Iowa’s Carver College of Medicine – discussing life as students, fun news in healthcare and science, and interviewing other interesting guests

The Undifferentiated Medical Student – hosted by Ian Drummond, a current 4th year med student at Case Western; he is on a quest to interview all 120 medical specialties to help him determine what type of doctor he wants to be – great long-form interviews about different medical specialties

Healthcare Triage LIVE Show listener questions about healthcare are answered by Aaron Carroll MD, founder of the Incidental Economist, Healthcare Triage YouTube channel, writer for the NY Times, and a Penn Med alumni


Some of Our Favorite Places to Find H-MET News

Med Page Today – The Daily “Morning Break” gives links to the top medical news stories from the day before. Check in around 10:30 AM each morning. You can also search for stories and articles based on certain fields of interest.

FierceBiotech – news on the biotech industry.  We think it’s incredibly important for future physicians to appreciate the biotech and pharmaceutical industries to understand where the drugs they prescribe, and the technologies they use, come from. Note: you can also subscribe to various newsletters based on the types of stories you are interested in.

Kaiser Health News – all things healthcare – policy, industry, and research

Politico Pulse – A daily newsletter sent out every weekday with all the top stories in Health Policy and healthcare. You can subscribe to have it sent to your email, or just read the stories and see the links on their webpage. It is sent out around 10AM. Whether or not you are interested in being involved with policy or public health, it’s still crucial to know what is going on – industry regulation, government legislation, and public health issues. These will all shape the future of the field, so stay well versed!

STAT News – News website (offshoot of the Boston Globe) with great articles focusing on the frontiers of health and medicine. They also have a great daily newsletter called “morning rounds”.

Health News Review – as the name implies, a site that reviews other articles about health news and determines how accurate the reporting is. A great way to remain skeptical and ensure you aren’t fooled by catchy headlines and hype